Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Smells Like Nirvana. Or Is it Teen Spirit?

Let's talk dating as a mid-single adult. Honestly, I've kind of had it. I figured out Tinder and online dating apps. Those all seem so inauthentic though and it's truly a numbers game to find someone truly compatible there. My best relationships have been from Facebook and through real life friends. I've met some really amazing women through both methods, TBH.

But what am I getting from it all? What's the cost/benefit ratio?

The cost is, especially for a guy, a lot of money spent on people you barely know (I'm a giver naturally so I usually don't mind that - I really do love to give, to anyone, guy or girl - see my last Facebook status update), a lot of time spent on things that aren't really growing you, except a few rare cases, meeting people that just, much of the time (but not all - I truly have met some really amazing women), not much of a match or intellectually stimulating enough to me as a sapiosexual (I like long, deep, mind-bending intellectual conversations, and the most amazing women I've met I've connected on an almost metaphysical level where we can almost read each other's minds and we could talk into the early morning if we allowed ourselves, just like teenagers), and a lot of risk both emotionally and physically.

What's the reward? A one-in-a-million girl? Sex (don't let me get started with the risks there - honestly, I'm really liking the idea of waiting longer for sex more recently)? An occasional make-out session? Good friends? I have plenty of friends. Is it physical touch? I'm actually exploring a lot of Buddhist philosophies around reducing the *need* for physical touch - I think that's a learned societal behavior. I actually think, maybe when my kids are older, I might see if I can spend some time in Thailand as a Buddhist monk to explore this further.

Honestly, I'm just not seeing a lot of benefit for dating. If the right girl comes along and everything just clicks? Sure. In my new relationship with God and Christianity, the whole symbolism of relying on God to give and guide things to you is a powerful one, as it removes codependency on humanity and places it solely on God - that God can be a real thing, love, feelings, freedom, or whatever you want to symbolize it as, but the key is killing the codependency on humanity. And that's what I'm doing.

So if you see me attempting to outwardly date kick me in the rear a bit. That's, in many ways, codependency (I HIGHLY recommend the book, "Codependent No More" - more on that later). Time to just "Let Jesus/Buddha/Allah/God/etc Take the Wheel" and let karma do its job in guiding my life.

In Buddhism, removing these worries and outwardly "needs" for human connection, touch, and things removes codependency and ultimately reduces suffering. That's the exact place I want to be.

Honestly, it's starting to feel like Nirvana!

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